Glazed and out of the kiln

The dreaded school holidays arrived, and to keep me sane I made sure that I had a sack of clay at my ready. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to try; some mermaids, fish and this awesome shark I’d seen online, as an award for design. I attempted my first dolphin, of which I hope to create more of, promoting an awareness of the endangered maui dolphin, which occasionally frequents the waters of New Zealand’s West Coast. These pieces would allow me to explore with some colour in the form of slips.


I also had some more meaningful pieces I want to get out; the first being a figure of a woman represented as a bowling pin. A woman who is continuously, repetitively knocked down, and yet gets back up again, all to be knocked down again. Symbolising abuse.

The second brings awareness to breast cancer. A beautiful curvaceous woman, proud of her battle wound, having had a breast removed.

Fighters. Survivors.


Well after messing up my first two pieces, getting carried away with slips and glazes I had a bit of slip fun with the mermaids and fish, and got a wee bit arty with my ladies.



I love the red stripes, making the bowling pin imagery more obvious.

I’m not fond of glossy glazes so left my survivor lady without a glaze. A double firing of white slip.

The results…


Unfortunately the bowling pin lady must have touched something black while in the kiln, which has left a smudge on her back. The breast cancer survivor had a fleck of black glaze on her boob, which I could easily sand off with my rotary tool. I’m yet to seal her, as she has no glaze to protect her.


What do you think?


Market Improvments

Well I attempted yet another market.

This time with much the same minuscule financial gain, and the overwhelming networking gain, meeting the other fellow marketeers and coastal shoppers.

This time I was more prepared, creating more of a shop front image, with a stand, created out of an old cot’s sides ; )

I also revamped the swollen particle board trestle table, stapling some beautiful fabric to it!

And added to my collection ornaments made from white plaster!

I think the Lego man is going to be a hit!

I’m definitely improving and becoming more market confident.

I hope to become one of those local crafty markets stall holders which  people come to see “What has she been up to this month?” ; )